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I have a family history of cancer, do I need increased screening?

Possibly. Depending on who in your family has had cancer, the age they were when diagnosed and the type(s) of cancer. A genetic counsellor could do an analysis of your family history to determine your risks and what screening you may need.

What genetic testing do you offer?

We can arrange genetic testing for most conditions for adults. For cancer details of the tests can be found here (link to cancer genetic testing). For more specialised genetic testing costs and timings will vary.

Please note we can not offer genetic testing for children and nor are we able to assess children with suspected genetic conditions.

I’ve already had cancer, how can genetic testing help me?

Genetic testing may alter the most appropriate management for your cancer.  It is also possible that you may be at increased risk of other cancers in future and would therefore benefit from increased cancer screening / ways to reduce your risk. Genetic cancer testing can also give your relatives and children information about their genetic cancer risk.

Is all cancer inherited?

No, the majority of cancer occurs by chance. Only approximately 5-10%, is due to a specific genetic fault (pathogenic variant).

Do I need a referral for genetic counselling and/or testing?

No, you do not normally need a referral.

Are your genetic cancer tests the same as the ones offered by the NHS?

Yes, our genetic cancer tests use the same technology as those offered through the NHS. Our tests are more comprehensive and include some genes which are not routinely yet available through the NHS. The genetic counsellor can provide you with more information.

Why do the prices of genetic testing vary so much?

Historically genetic testing was expensive and done by a method known as sanger sequencing, which could only look at single genes. Now we are able to look at multiple genes simultaneously using NextGeneration sequencing and therefore testing is much more affordable.

At Genetic Experts we do not add additional fees to our tests enabling us to offer them you at a more reasonable price.

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